Wednesday, July 23, 2014


How you doin? It's been awhile, I know.

Let's jump right in because I've really missed Kathy's link up. What shall we confess today?
Vodka and Soda

I really dig Mandy Moore's music. Yep, throwing that one out there. I could break your heart any day of the week is a special fave. And of course, Candy. 


The other day I wrote an email and instead of Wing (like Wing 100, 200 etc not like birds) I wrote Wine. No-one said anything, so either everyone else agrees with my wine talk or they can't read.

On that same day, whilst dreaming about New York at Christmas, I answered the phone 'Something something Christmas speaking'. I called myself Christmas. The person on the other side of the phone didn't even notice.
KC randomly started watching Doctor Who on Netflix and so I begged / made him watch David Tennant's last episode, and then we watched the Van Gogh episode and this was me for like 3 hours.

On Saturday night I went out and had a few bevvies. When I got home I fell over somehow... details not important. I fell on my head. Not my finest moment, and on Sunday and Monday I could barely move because my back hurt so bad. Feeling a bit better now and the doctor said I most likely 'bruised' it but no real damage. Just my pride.

Needless to say, Sunday was not a fun day for my head. or stomach.

Also, on Saturday some guy was a complete dick to me and then asked me for my number. I gave him $2 (I was drunk) and said 'go f*ck yourself'. Stalked off feeling all badass, I was quite proud, and now I'm like why did I give him $2?

The UPS guy knows my name. Every day 'hey Kristen' and I'm like hey UPS guy. Side note: zero work packages come in my name. That's my online shopping problem at work right thurr.

I want to eat some boiled potatoes so that I can instagram it: What excellent boiled potatoes. It's been many years since I had such an exemplary vegetable.

Because, you know I cannot do a single post without mentioning North & South or Pride & Prejudice.

Cheerio folks. Is it 5pm yet?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Who doesn't love a good quiz?

No, really? Who doesn't like completing quizzes? And you know even if you don't, you still think about what you'd answer in your head as you read other people's answers, right?

As soon as I saw Alyssa's post on Friday, I was like absolutely need to do this. Welllll Erin has just the thing for us quiz lovers. So, do it! and then link up!

Any similarities? Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Faves

Every Friday is better than the last. Hello weekend, I have missed you. I have grand plans to do a whole lot of nothing, with a side of naps.

Oh, don't forget to vote for our host & engagement photos model Amanda here remember I told you about it last week.

Let's get right into it, shall we?

Fave Throwback
yes this is a thing this week

This was my status the morning after our wedding. Good times, good times.

Fave Handmade Gift 

My best friend made this I mean is she freaking talented or what? She also made every fascinator you'll see me wear (Wedding, Derby), did the flowers for the wedding... made me pretty in 90% of the photos you see on this blog.. yeah she's a good one. I'll keep her.

Fave Bought Gift

So remember my obsession with North & South? Well I guess KC was feeling guilty (no idea why..) and he let me use his Amazon points to buy the DVD set (yayyyy!!) and then, and then, and then! he used a gift card that he had left over from Christmas and bought me the book (yes I know I already owned the kindle version, but don't you know I have 5 copies of Pride & Prejudice?) and another one of Elizabeth Gaskell's books which holy moly it is a thick ass book. Apparently it's good, can't wait to read it after the millions of others that are on my list.

Fave Discovery

I found these workout tanks and I want them all. They have Disney ones, kitty ones, song lyrics... I want them all.


Fave Trip Booked

Yep I'm just making shit up left and right here.

After discussing it with blogland and the husband, we have booked NYC for Christmas. I'M SO EXCITED. KC didn't want to do something warm (wtf?!) and he didn't want to do Disney, we both wanted to save the west coast for a longer trip.. so NYC it is. Really, as soon as Alyssa mentioned she was 20 minutes away from NYC I booked it immediately like I'm not even lying. Guys I get to meet Alyssa I'm so excited I'm like a child. We're going to run through Central Park, see the tree, drink frozen hot chocolates, do some yoga, ice skate, and basically have the best time in all the land and I.AM.SO.EXCITED.


Oh and the flights were $10. Holla miles I love you.

Fave Blog

I can't believe I haven't gushed about Nadine before, but I love love love her blog. It's always one of the first I check every day, even if I can't comment immediately, cause she's hilarious (her confessions always have me rolling) and so down to earth and I'm positive we would be the weirdest besties you ever met if we lived closer. Go check her out at Life by Nadine Lynn. Also, go awwww at her kitty. I want.


Fave Funnies

Clumsy panda falls off a tree


Harry Potter

What Does the Fox say? | Disney's Robin Hood


Don't forget to link up with Amanda (and vote!! every day!!)

meet @ the barre

Have a fabulous weekend errybody! Any one got crazier plans than me?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Few Of My Favourite Things #FavTotalSocial

In honour of today's #totalsocial with Helene and Sarah I thought I would share some of my favourite things.

In zero order:

Books; getting new books, smelling old books, reading all the books.

Cats; especially my 2 little babies. I should get a third, right?

Hugs; this needs no words.

Shopping + Sales!

Disney; All of the Disney.

Sleep; allllll the sleep and naps are bonus points.

Travelling; if only I had unlimited money & time.

Summer; give me heat, give me all the heat and keep your AC to yo'self.

Pride & Prejudice + North & South; both the books + movies / tv series. I love me a good period drama and you know I have to use this gif..

Dresses, Polka Dots + Stripes; not necessarily together but these are my favourite things in the clothing department.

Running; sometimes. Most of the time.

Harry Potter + Lord of The Rings + Doctor Who.

Subtitles; yeah I really like subtitles. The day they put subtitles in theatres will be the best day of my life.

Vegemite; yummmm.

My girlfriends

My family; Specifically my mummy & nana.

This guy (and this photo, coincidentally)

Australia and America are my favourite countries :)

Of course I am sure I have a zillion other 'favourite things' - what are your favourite things?

Helene in Between